The Andaman & Nicobar Iislands has many beautiful crystal clear beaches and they are nature lovers paradise. The dense evergreen rain forest, clean roads as well as unpolluted fresh air attracts huge number of tourists every year. Adventure tourism like trekking, scuba diving, snorkeling, island camping, etc are also the real attractions here. Totally,Andaman & Nicobar Islands provides you a once in a lifetime holiday experience.


1.Havelock Island

2.Jolly Buoy Island

3.Redskin Island

4.Viper Island

5.Cinque Island

6.Ross Island

7.Barren Island

7.Baratang Island

8.Chatham Island

Picnic spots [places in and around Port Blair]

1.Anthropological Museum

2.Navel Marine Museum

3.National Memorial

Places in Nicobar Islands

1.Car Nicobar


3.Great Nicobar
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1.Radhanagar Beach

2.Vijayanagar Beach

3.Corbyns Cove Beach




1.Mount Harriot



1. Cellular Jail

2. Viper Island